Dazz Vape Acus kit

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The DAZZVAPE Acus Concentrate Vaporizer is a pen style, single button activated device with 350 mAh battery life. The 1400 mAh battery is built into the device and is charged with a proprietary charger. The Acus Concentrate Vaporizer utilizes two types of quartz coils. The quartz dab coil stores concentrate in a chamber with a knurled top cap. The quartz dip cap allows you to place the tip in direct contact with concentrate. The Acus has a threaded mouthpiece for each side; the top mouthpiece is for use of the dab coil and the bottom mouthpiece is for the the dip coil. The Acus has a fixed airflow system. The DAZZVAPE Acus Concentrate Vaporizer is simple ultra portable system that will suit users on the go.

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