SAGE Nicotine Salts Vape Shot TPD 18mg 10mL


SAGE Nicotine Shot TPD 18mg 10mL
Now you can add Sage Nicotine Salts to your favorite flavors for INSTANT SATISFACTION and INTENSE FLAVORS. Specially formulated for Beyond Vape, Sage Nicotine Salts has a higher absorption rate than traditional “freebase” nicotine and delivers nicotine to your system much faster. The chemical composition of Sage Nicotine Salts is formulated to be closer to natural tobacco, which also gives Sage a smoother taste, allowing the flavors of your favorite e-juice to really stand out.

Sage Nicotine Salts Shots mixing:
One 10mL Bottle of Sage Nicotine Salts mixed with 50mLs of your favorite flavor = 60mLs of 3mg.

Sage Nicotine Salts can also be used straight in a closed-end/pod system for a pure nicotine experience.

This product is intended as a nicotine additive to flavored e-juices, and operates as a flavorless nicotine enhancement product

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Weight 0.3 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 1 × 1 in
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