VGOD Pro Coils (4-pack)
The VGOD Pro Coils are constructed of high quality, dual core, 26 gauge AN80 wrapped in 40 gauge N80 wire. All wires contain the highest quality Nichrome. Because of the quality of Nickel (20% Chromium, 80% Nickel) used in the N80 wire, these Fused Claptons are second to none! Enjoy the Pro Coils by VGOD!

VGOD Pro Coil Specs/Features:

  • Nichrome Fused Claptons
  • Includes (4) Coils
  • Includes 20 Strands of 100% Japanese Organic Cotton
  • 6 Wrap 3mm Inner Coil Diameter
  • Ohm Reading: 0.16 – 0.18

Additional information

nicotine strength


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